Top romantic hotel restaurants in Riga, Latvia

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Latvian food&beverage magazine “Kurs uzsauks?” has listed Top 10 Riga`s romantic restaurants and caffees. 4 of them are hotel restaurants. Here is the list:

2nd place – Skyline Bar: Reval Hotel Latvia. If You want to feel close to the sky, then go there 🙂 Bar is located at the top of Reval Hotel building, centre of Riga. It`s hip, it`s expensive, it`s very modern.

3rd place – Bellevue: Maritim Park Hotel 11th floor. It`s more peacefull there than in city centre restaurants, very good international cuisine.

5th place – Hotel Bergs restaurant: Hotel Bergs. Hotel Bergs is one of the best boutique hotels in world. It`s all about elegance, status and luxury for real gourmets. You will feel like aristocrat here, just take Your platinum credit card with You…..

8th place – Star Lounge: Albert hotel. Beautiful and modern place. Not much to eat, but who is eating on first date? Not the best place if You want to run away from other tourists, because there are lots of them.

Contrary to some other countries where hotel restaurants are not regarded as places with best cousines in town, Riga`s hotel restaurants often are best of the best. They hire best chefs in Latvia and often from other countries as well, so the hotel restaurants have become trend setters for other Latvian restaurants. Bad thing – prices are high even for rich tourists.

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