5 tips and info for feeling safe with your hotel keycard

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An old mass e-mail in USA has made a myth, that hotels put guests personal information (including credit card number) on hotel keycards. It`s a myth! It doesn`t happen. Neither in USA nor in Europe. Hotel keycards are more safe than ordinary keys, because it`s not easy to open doors with electronic key system and keycard doesn`t have a room number on it.

What information keycards hold? Room number and check-in/check-out date (not visible). Sometimes also your name. That`s all.

How the keycard system works? Hotel can put information on keycard in two ways:

1) Hotel has reservation system with integrated key system. In such case, information to key goes automatically. As well as hotel employees may see when someone enters or leaves the room, if they have additional modul for such programm.

2) Hotel has separate key system. In such case, key is made with no connection to reservation system. Usually only check-in/check-out and room number is put on the card.

As I said keycards are more safe than usual keys, but You can make them more safe with these 5 tips:

1. Don`t keep the keycard in your wallet. I know, often keys are as small as credit cards and easy to put in wallet, but wallet can be stollen. There is small possibility than thief may try to open hotel rooms with your key and get lucky.

2. If possible, when leaving hotel, leave your keycard at reception, so You won`t loose it in crazy dance 🙂

3. Be accurate with your keycard. They do breake, they aren`t from metal.

4. At check-in ask receptionist what to do, if you loose or breake keycard to escape unpleasant moments afterwards.

5. And don`t leave your keycard outside the door (not all hotels have all in one hotel management system where you put your card in holder to switch on the light, so you might forget it in door locker.

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