What people are complaining about in 101 Hotel

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101 Hotel is Iceland`s first boutique hotel and that`s why it catches my eyes here.

one of the best beds i slept in ever

Not speaking about interior, that is exceptional and modern, but too cold and dark for me, despite the fact that it reflects Iceland`s landscape colours, I got more interested in reviews speaking about bad service. So… what the problem with this cool and expensive hotel? There are two reviews from the beginning of 2007, that says:

The staff was very friendly.

The service at the reception and at the restaurant was excellent.

OK. Maybe those guests were friendly themselves, with no special needs. Maybe hotel employees have got proper training. Or maybe these two are fake reviews. Who knows… Let`s check other reviews:

All well and good but it seems whomever runs the 101 has forgotten that the key to a good hotel is hospitality. The check in staff seemed irritated that we came. When we called up to ask them to turn up the whirlpool and turn on the steam room they were annoyed. They were slow to get us drinks and when we had problems with the free wireless we were told to try taking our laptops into the hall and walk around to get service.

This review is all about complaining. It`s sad to read that staff was irritated and annoyed. It`s definitely not a good service. Of course it`s always some part of mentality, but training can fix it 🙂 Speaking about wireless, it`s normal advice that was given. Staff really can do nothing if wireless signal is bad except that small detail, that when wireless was arranged, hotel manager should have made certain that signal is strong enough in all hotel rooms.

Also breakfast was a problem – it was late and cold in this review. Serving good breakfast is really worth trying, I must say! Rooms may not be great, but meals must be, because eating is one of the most important things in people lives. You feel better after tasty meals, don`t You? So, if guest has bad breakfast, all day may be spoiled for him.

On the whole I enjoyed the decor of the hotel, very sleek and modern. But the service was perfunctory. It’s unfair to single out the 101 because of the service…pretty much Iceland in general the service sucks. I think it’s the whole no tipping policy, while good in some respects, you can definitely feel it in the service.

Here is partly explanation for bad service problem…. This review complains that nobody helped with bags (it`s Iceland and it`s not 5 star hotel, dude!….) and they had to pay $300 for laundry service. Gosh, it`s really expensive. I`m not sure if it`s smart to ask so much for washing guest clothes, although hotel must earn its investment back.

For that kind of money I expect the staff to sing and dance and read me my morning paper in stereo if they want to be called “Excellent”. Here, they just leave you to go about your own business and help when asked. That’s average.

OK, here is the answer hotel needs to bear in mind. Money is the key! Be expensive, but give proper service, be cheap and give cheap service. No one will complain then. It`s value for money rule.  

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