Rebirth for Moscow hotels

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Yahoo news says:

The Moskva Hotel, a gem of Stalinist architecture torn down in 2003, will finally re-open its doors at the end of next year after an ambitious 800-million-dollar (610-million-euro) reconstruction project, the owners said Tuesday.

The Moskva, a few steps from the Kremlin in central Moscow, was razed 12 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union because it didn’t meet Western standards. The new Moskva, a 180,000-square-metre, five-star hotel, will include rooms, apartments, restaurants, a shopping centre, an underground parking lot and a congress centre.

The reconstruction project was possible thanks to 600 million dollar loan from Deutsche Bank. Owners: 51% American company Decorum, 49% city of Moscow.

The Moskva Hotel has got interesting history:

Inaugurated in 1935, the hotel featured an unusual, mismatched facade that was the subject of an enduring Soviet legend.

Reportedly, when presented with two architectural plans for the hotel on the same page, Stalin signed the document without noting his preference.

Not wanting to incur the wrath of the ruthless dictator, the builders constructed the facade based on half of each plan.

In Soviet times, lawmakers and prominent Communist Party members would stay at the Moskva when visiting the capital. It is a short walk from Red Square, the Kremlin and Lenin’s Mausoleum.

It was hardly luxurious, with up to four guests often housed in a single, 15-square-metre room.

 Hotel view from Manezhnaya square

Pictures from The Moskva Hotel. Surprisingly, but it was 3 star hotel.

Yahoo news says that another Soviet-era hotel Rossiya is under construction and about 15 hotels are expected to open in Moscow this year and another 100 in 2008. Gosh, sounds like everyone, who is not lazy, is building a hotel in Moscow.

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