Do guests lie about service and what can hotelier do?

March 9, 2007 at 9:18 am | Posted in guests, hotels, tips | Leave a comment

Do guests lie about hotel service? Yes, yes, yes.

What can hotelier do? Be creative.

I`ll tell You what I did with lying guest. We have one regular guest. At the beginning everything was fine. Then at 5th or 6th stay he started to complain at reception in mornings that he had problems with his room: sink was blocked up and he could smell cigarette smoke in the air (we have no smoking policy). OK, may happen. Maids aren`t always perfect. We checked his room and everything was as he said. We found cigarette leftovers in sink, they caused jam. The same complain second time. Strange. Maids said, that room was OK. The same complain third time with additional broken TV…. We had quick discussion with housekeeper, checked TV – working! – and went to conclusion that guest is lying, even if he says that he doesn`t smoke.

What to do? Can`t tell the guest that he lies, he will deny it. So I gave instructions to housekeeper and reception manager to personally check his room before arrival and receptionist to tell the guest, that we have checked his room and that everything is all right.

Guest checked-in yesterday. We worked out our little liar catcher game. Was he complaining this morning? No. Guest only said that we could buy shoes cleaning machine (it`s definitely not enough with shoe cleaning wipes for him…) Was everything OK in the room when he left? Yes. Verdict – this guest is from “love to complain” category.

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