I want to go to Croatia…

March 13, 2007 at 9:17 am | Posted in Croatia, Europe, hotels, internet, photo, travel | 1 Comment

As seems many more people want the same. Croatia is definitely new hot spot in Europe as I already wrote here. At the same time I mentioned Pucic Palace as the most expensive hotel in Dubrovnik according to TripAdvisor. Today Pucic Palace and Croatia is mentioned in HotelChatter as dream place for some hotel maven.

The Pucic Palace is small: a boutique hotel with just nineteen rooms(that’s okay, I only need one)–it won an award last year as the best boutique hotel in Croatia.

Let`s check hotel`s home page….Nice, as elegant as web site can be. I shall say that it`s not very easy to navigate around, one has to get fast Internet connection and quickly working computer because of flash and pop-up windows. I was taught to use as little of those two features on hotel`s home page as possible…. But pictures are worth some seconds waiting.


Historic Dubrovnik.


Seems that Pucic Palace has gorgeous inner yard or terrace.


Simple elegance in rooms.


It`s said in hotel`s home page: “A living art the pleasure of fine dining is one of the most outstanding activities in The Pucic Palace.”

Anyone else wants to go to Croatia? Or anyone else wishes he/she would be working/living there?

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