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March 15, 2007 at 10:07 am | Posted in blogs, internet, list, travel | 9 Comments

I have seen T-List in many blogs so far. Today I checked Travel in Blogs (mentioned by HappyHotelier) and there was T-List again and again… Travel in Blogs is a new project and seems like Digg for travel. [Update! For more about this site, check Happy Hoteliers post update. Thank`s for mentioning it in comments.]

Through Travel in Blogs I found Blog on Travel (kind of word play game, hah!) from which I took this T-List:

Les Explorers
Chrispitality Media Blog
A Luxury Travel Blog
Travel Rants
Travolution Blog
Erin Julian
My Travel Backpack
Happy Hotelier
The Travel PR Blog
The Tourism and Hospitality Diaries
Tourism Internet Marketing
Web2.0 Travel
The Informed Traveler – Luxury Hotels
Blog de viajes
ADV Italia
El blog de Albert Barra
Blog de Viajes
 ADR Italia
Tourisme et Internet

I add HotelChatter, Back of House in DXB (hotel stories from Dubai), At Home in Rome (life and travel in Rome), Family travel, Opus Hotel blog (alias General Manager`s Blog), Vagablogging, Holiday Pad 2.0, My Marakesh (life and travel in Morocco), The Front Desk, Tim Leffel`s Cheapest Destinations. That`s all for now. Maybe I should call this list T&H-List, `cause there are quite many hospitality blogs.

If You still don`t know the rules….

Here are the instructions:

– Write a post.
– Copy/paste the link list from the post you’ve discovered the T-List into it.
– Make sure the links are active and correct.
– If your blog is on the list, remove it’s not a self-promotion post.
Add your favorite tourism and travel blogs on it.
– Add the url of the blog where you’ve discovered the T-List as well.
– Publish the post.
– People will notice the T-List and continue it.

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  1. You “digg” it 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for adding My Marakesh. I had never heard of the Tlist!

  3. But read the update to my post you are referring to.

  4. Hello there! I’m glad you learnt about the T-List on our blog, and I am glad to see that hoteliers from Latvia participate to the Hospitality and Travel blogosphere! Your blog is great with good articles and great pictures. Kindest regards!

  5. Hello there! I’m glad you discovered the T-List through Blogontravel and I am glad to see that hoteliers from Latvia participate to the Hospitality and Travel blogosphere! Your blog is great with good articles and great pictures. Kindest regards!

  6. Many thanks for adding Holiday Pad to your T-List, we’re really chuffed that like our blog enough to mention it – cheers!

  7. Wow, T-List is big hit! I never thought it will interest so many people. So far 25 clicks on this post and still counting.
    Gje, I`ll go to check Your update right away.
    Maryam and Garri – my pleasure. Keep on!

  8. Wow! What a fantastic idea! I’m so glad you linked to my blog so I could hear about it. I’m happy my little blog has kept you entertained.

    Hmmmm only problem now is I’m spending so much time looking through all your fantastic links, I’ve got no time to write new posts for my own blog!

    Thanks! BOH

  9. Sylvian and BOH – you are welcome. I like Your blogs. They are both good source of information and entertaining at the same time.

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