How to motivate employees?

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Probably the toughest question for a manager…

 UPDATE! Further reading [via]:

Yesterday I went to seminar “Employees` motivation”. It`s always easier in theory than in practice. Manager has to have good theoretical background as well as good knowledge about communication and psychology and be able to understand and feel employees. That`s what lecturers (professionals in human management) agreed about as well. We were taught about motivation, employees selection, carrier and training.  

Main thoughts:

  • managers should follow 80:20 rule, where 80% of time manager is concerned with employees and talks with them and 20% of time manager does some other tasks. Seems not so possible in small enterprises where manager is accountant, marketing manager, head of human resources and so on…;
  • people start to work in a company due to its image, but leave due to their direct manager;
  • there are 20% of key employees in every company that gives 80% revenue, managers should let them not to follow rules if they want or need (remember Dr.House?);
  • make mistake at employee selection process or first training and you`ll get wrong person or employee will leave in first day or first month;
  • employees are changing (companies are changing too), so the thing that motivated employee last year may not motivate him this year;
  • carrier is very good motivator for many people if employer support and help;
  • there is research about “average statistical” employee nowadays: 30-40 years old (and already large part of 20-30 years old ones) employees expect interesting, changing work, hate routine, can`t imagine life without technologies, plan their carriers, work is just one part of their lives, expect to be valued; after 5-7 years 20-30 years old ones then will be dependent on technologies, stay in one company for 1-2 years (no longer), carrier will be very important for them, learn only what interests them, won`t be able to concentrate for long, not afraid about future and changes;
  • carrier might be dream work (also dream working conditions), dream job place, life fulfilment. As carrier means different things to different people managers should know it before supporting carriers or sending employees to trainings;
  • when thinking about training manager should find golden average route between employee learning objectives (that rises motivation) and employer training objectives (that raises work results);
  • can`t train person if that person doesn`t want to learn or it`s done in appropriate manner: result will be negative if employee will feel forced to train or training will be done in a way of lecture, but employee best learns doing things (psychology books might help at this point to understand learning aspects better);
  • manager has to always remember that it`s possible to change knowledge, experience and skills, but it`s almost impossible to change personality, attitude, motives and values.

Seminar took place in Radisson SAS Daugava, Riga. Everything looks like 5 star hotel should look. Porters could be more friendly (I didn`t look like VIP enough I suppose) and I asked three times for right direction to conference rooms (no signs, had to go through restaurant to get to small conference rooms)… Great soft sofas at lobby.

View from river Daugava.

Little bit of practical training.

Dinner. This main course was 5 LVL.

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