Quite good start…E-hotel statistics

April 2, 2007 at 9:12 am | Posted in blogs, list, personal, statistics | 2 Comments

I started my blog 10 February, 2007 and it`s interesting to make some roundup how I`m doing so far. So, till this morning, 2 April, 2007:

  • total views: 521
  • best day ever: 76 (T-list posted)
  • posts: 52
  • comments: 17 (comments welcome, don`t be shy)
  • tags: 38 (hotels: 37, europe: 17, news: 14, travel: 13, photo: 11)

Top posts February-March:

  1. Ehotel`s T-list: 65 views
  2. Photos from ITB 2007: 20 views
  3. Photos from ITB 2007, part 2: 17 views
  4. Too bad it won`t be in Europe…: 15 views
  5. Best online hotel sites: 12 views [before post update]
  6. How the lovely hotel beds look like: 7 views
  7. 2006: Good year for Europe`s hotel industry and New hotel in Tallinn: 6 views each
  8. Rebirth of Moscow hotels and Top romantic hotel restaurants in Riga, Latvia: 5 views each
  9. Travel marathon in Baltics, Photos from Vivattour 2007, Vilnius, How competitive are Baltic states?, Photos from MITT 2007 and New way how to present a hotel: 4 views each
  10. Hotel in Dublin for ladies and gentleman, Some news not to miss, Few unique Europe hotels, I want to go to Croatia…, The Caterer Blog, Help guests in minus 30, So many news…, and Travelistic, Experience Rewards and other “strangers” or some useful stuff: 3 views each

There are definitely more views on each post, but that`s what You, my dear readers, have clicked to come to my blog or check out more on its content. THANK YOU!

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  1. You’re right. It’s a pretty good start! Keep posting! ; )

  2. Thanks!

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