Just a short note: website design

April 19, 2007 at 7:46 am | Posted in hotels, internet, marketing, tips | 8 Comments

Last week I discussed hotel website optimization. Today I want to note another article at eHotelier.com. This time it`s about website design, written by Keith Paulin (leading online marketer in the hotel industry). Keith gives simple and in depth advice on creating good hotel website design. Read Keith`s article here, but I`ll give just key thoughts:

However, once you have prepared a brief, it is important to let your designers…well…design. Don’t restrict their creativity because that is really what you are paying for. You should expect at least two and maybe three alternatives to review, refining these through a series of iterations until you have a design that is both visually appealing as well as Search Engine-friendly. 

And as a final hint, use your common sense…you hotel website must be easy to build, easy to maintain or add to and compelling to visitors.

Nowadays, they should be providing you with a website based on a Content Management System which will allow you to edit or add pages in-house quickly and easily…this will also reduce your ongoing costs. Finally, your website should indeed look smart and stylish…simple, fresh and not too busy…enough to capture visitors imagination without trying to do too much. 

I can completely agree with those advices.

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  1. All true! I have to figure out when and how to do my guesthouse website. Since the building is ongoing and the interiors are not done yet, I am wondering if I should put up just something very preliminary that has guesthouse rates and so I can take bookings. Do you have thoughts on this?

  2. Hi…

    Thanks for the quote…it’s always nice to hear from fellow hotel internet marketing professionals…

    Warmest regards


  3. I would advice you to launch your website before guesthause is ready. You may tell a story about how it`s going and how it will be. Give service descriptions and prices, provide e-mail/phone number for reservations. If you have design pictures, you can show them, but change them to real ones as soon as you can. Good luck.

  4. Very good advice. Thank you!

  5. You`re welcome. Send me website adress, when it`s ready.

  6. Hi.. cool blog.. I was wondering if you would consider allowing me to add your blog feed to my news section on my webmaster website . I realise that not all of your posts are strictly webmaster related but ive written a script to only show posts containing certain keywords so theres no need to worry. Anyway, like i said.. cool blog.. some interesting stuff.. thanks

  7. i need website address

  8. […] Just a short note: website design […]

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