Nasty guests

May 15, 2007 at 3:03 pm | Posted in guests, hotels | 2 Comments

As long as I work in a hotel I can`t understand why guests act so nasty sometimes. What is it that makes people brake things, laugh or scream at employees, disobey any rules, smoke where it`s not allowed and so on?

Today was the worst case. Yesterday receptionist let in normal looking 40 something man. This morning somehow in the room were two men. That `s nothing compared with what maids found out when started cleaning the room. I appologise, but there was shit everywhere: on the floor, in towels, on beds, even one of him had tried to do it in sink…..I simply can`t understand why?….

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  1. “I simply can`t understand why?….”

    Maybe they were gay and got drunk.

    Maybe they were just animals.

    or even worse……. flight crew!

  2. I think they were simply sick (mentaly), because it was done by purpose.

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