About Ehotel

Ehotel is hotelier from Latvia, Europe with more than 4 year experience in hospitality business and MBA.

Working in a hotel and studying I have understood that there are many things I still don`t know about hotels and there are even more things that others don`t know about hotels. Many people think that one doesn`t need much knowledge to work in a hotel. At the same time hoteliers need to educate clients about how hotels operate, what are the rules etc. I hope this place will let to better understand the hotel business.  

I want to share my passion about hotels with You!



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  1. Like the blog.

    This is my favourite chain of hotels:


    Great marketing, and great hotels!

    Chris @ rawstylus.wordpress.com

  2. Thanx! I wrote about one of Malmaison hotels in “Real estate industry`s “Golden Palm” award to hotel” in March.

  3. Thank you for linking to my blog. unfortunately due to the fact that I post so many large file photogragraphs, I’ve had to move my blog to another server with greater capacity, so my new blog address is http://blog.allthedumbthings.com/

  4. Hi,

    Just wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links- our blog is here: http://ismboston.blogspot.com/ and it’s from ISM, a marketing/advertising agency for the travel business. Would be great to hear from you!



  5. We enjoy the sentiment of this blog and also the writer’s attitude. And, thanks for the map. When it comes to Europe, we are definitely dummies.

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