Travolution Awards: best hotel website

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Month ago I wrote about Travolution Awards and checked hotel website nominees. Now we have got the winner. So the Travolution Award for best hotel website goes to

Hip-hip-hurrah! Check them out and learn from them.

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Best online hotel sites – updated

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 Update! Kevin, editor of Travolution, has sent me a comment explaining more about Travolution Awards:

Just a few things to note:

* The hotels you have mentioned only make up a shortlist – they are by no means winners of any awards.

* The senior staff at Travolution will not be judging any of the hotel categories. This will be done by a collection of senior figures from across the online travel industry.

* The award will be announced on 24 April in London.

 I`m quite confused, but thankful to Kevin. From news it could be understood, that judging process had already happened…. OK, let`s wait 24 April for best of the best 🙂

UK based online travel industry news site Travolution has announced its first Travolution Awards (nominees). Full list here.

Best Hotel Website


How they were choosed?

Best Hotel Website

This award will be given to a hotel chain or individual hotelier that has achieved the greatest impact in its market during 2006. This can be based on an increase in traffic, bookings or partnerships, or the introduction of innovative tools and functionality.

Account will be taken of:

  • Originality of design and features
  • Level of innovation against wider web community
  • Success of the website within the market.

Anyone could send in their entrees, but judging process will be up to Travolution senior team and other senior people from online travel industry. I have some doubts that people who sent in those entrees where mostly from UK.

I took a look at those best hotel web sites. First four look quite the same. The same sleek and posh look, quality flash photos, online booking module, the same offers. Looks good but don`t surprise. I can`t judge about innovations and success within the market….But when I look at Sheraton…Sheraton`s Earth (taking over Google Earth)? Interesting. Von Essen Hotels is something completely different from all previous ones. At first I even got confused where to start – so much information with so little letters. In my opinion there should be better hotel site than this one out in Internetsphere. What You think about these websites?

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Real estate industry`s “Golden Palm” award to hotel

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Real estate industry`s professionals in MIPIM (the world`s property market in Cannes, France) have anounced best building and renovation projects in 2006 in 5 categories. In category “Hotel and Tourism Resorts” the winner is Malmaison Oxford/Oxford Castle (UK). 

Oxford Castle was built in 11th Century and was used as prison for some time. Idea of this project was to save existing building and build new extension with traditional materials, the same materials used for the old castle. Besides, Malmaison Oxford is first prison in UK that is transformed into a hotel.

Malmaison Oxford offers 8 restaurants and bars, caffee, art galery, gym and 94 rooms cells. And they have nice offer for dogs too. It is voted a hot new hotel by Conde Nast. There are more Malmaisons in other UK cities.

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