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Sorry, for not posting for a while. End of the month/beginning of new month is always busy for me. Besides, there was national holiday yesterday and will be one more on Friday, so even less working days for huge amount of work.

Hope to be back with new posts next week. Thank you for coming here!

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Two more travel blogs

April 17, 2007 at 9:56 am | Posted in blogs, travel | 7 Comments

Today, checking Family Travel blog I found two more/new travel blogs: The Perceptive Travel blog and Practical Travel Gear. Last one is written by travel writer Tim Leffel and the first one is written by Tim and few other contributors. The Perceptive Travel is hardly two months old, but Practical Travel Gear is written from 2005 (not very frequently).

Closer comes the day when I`ll make T-list: part 2….

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Quite good start…E-hotel statistics

April 2, 2007 at 9:12 am | Posted in blogs, list, personal, statistics | 2 Comments

I started my blog 10 February, 2007 and it`s interesting to make some roundup how I`m doing so far. So, till this morning, 2 April, 2007:

  • total views: 521
  • best day ever: 76 (T-list posted)
  • posts: 52
  • comments: 17 (comments welcome, don`t be shy)
  • tags: 38 (hotels: 37, europe: 17, news: 14, travel: 13, photo: 11)

Top posts February-March:

  1. Ehotel`s T-list: 65 views
  2. Photos from ITB 2007: 20 views
  3. Photos from ITB 2007, part 2: 17 views
  4. Too bad it won`t be in Europe…: 15 views
  5. Best online hotel sites: 12 views [before post update]
  6. How the lovely hotel beds look like: 7 views
  7. 2006: Good year for Europe`s hotel industry and New hotel in Tallinn: 6 views each
  8. Rebirth of Moscow hotels and Top romantic hotel restaurants in Riga, Latvia: 5 views each
  9. Travel marathon in Baltics, Photos from Vivattour 2007, Vilnius, How competitive are Baltic states?, Photos from MITT 2007 and New way how to present a hotel: 4 views each
  10. Hotel in Dublin for ladies and gentleman, Some news not to miss, Few unique Europe hotels, I want to go to Croatia…, The Caterer Blog, Help guests in minus 30, So many news…, and Travelistic, Experience Rewards and other “strangers” or some useful stuff: 3 views each

There are definitely more views on each post, but that`s what You, my dear readers, have clicked to come to my blog or check out more on its content. THANK YOU!

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The Caterer Blog

March 15, 2007 at 1:28 pm | Posted in blogs, travel, UK | 3 Comments

I suppose, I`ll soon make T-List`s second edition and even make seperate page for all those blogs. But now I want to introduce You with The Caterer Blog. It`s already mentioned in Hotel Blogs. It`s writen by 14 writers from Caterer and HotelKeeper (offline publications in UK).


Readers can expect profesional posts about restaurants, hotels, travel industry, catering and other stuff from tourism industry. I`m going to include this blog in my T-List.

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Ehotel`s T-List

March 15, 2007 at 10:07 am | Posted in blogs, internet, list, travel | 9 Comments

I have seen T-List in many blogs so far. Today I checked Travel in Blogs (mentioned by HappyHotelier) and there was T-List again and again… Travel in Blogs is a new project and seems like Digg for travel. [Update! For more about this site, check Happy Hoteliers post update. Thank`s for mentioning it in comments.]

Through Travel in Blogs I found Blog on Travel (kind of word play game, hah!) from which I took this T-List:

Les Explorers
Chrispitality Media Blog
A Luxury Travel Blog
Travel Rants
Travolution Blog
Erin Julian
My Travel Backpack
Happy Hotelier
The Travel PR Blog
The Tourism and Hospitality Diaries
Tourism Internet Marketing
Web2.0 Travel
The Informed Traveler – Luxury Hotels
Blog de viajes
ADV Italia
El blog de Albert Barra
Blog de Viajes
 ADR Italia
Tourisme et Internet

I add HotelChatter, Back of House in DXB (hotel stories from Dubai), At Home in Rome (life and travel in Rome), Family travel, Opus Hotel blog (alias General Manager`s Blog), Vagablogging, Holiday Pad 2.0, My Marakesh (life and travel in Morocco), The Front Desk, Tim Leffel`s Cheapest Destinations. That`s all for now. Maybe I should call this list T&H-List, `cause there are quite many hospitality blogs.

If You still don`t know the rules….

Here are the instructions:

– Write a post.
– Copy/paste the link list from the post you’ve discovered the T-List into it.
– Make sure the links are active and correct.
– If your blog is on the list, remove it’s not a self-promotion post.
Add your favorite tourism and travel blogs on it.
– Add the url of the blog where you’ve discovered the T-List as well.
– Publish the post.
– People will notice the T-List and continue it.

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UK hotels, be aware of Mr.Particular!

March 12, 2007 at 10:22 am | Posted in blogs, hotels, reviews, UK | 2 Comments

Mr. Particular has already visited and scrupulously reviewed more than 20 UK hotels. For those who are seriously interested in complete and trustworthy reviews of UK hotels, his homepage can be a good source. If only You want to pay for his reports….

Small part of one review:

Summer Lodge: Dorset (in: Summer Lodge)
For decades Summer Lodge in Dorset was a quirky outpost on the English country house scene, a small family-run hotel that gamely hung on to its Relais & Château status, even featured on the occasional individual’s list of ‘my favourite places’, while new crops of swanky newcomers blossomed around it. However, by the turn of the last century it was widely felt that the old place had pretty much run out of steam. I first visited Summer Lodge during these twilight years, by which time quaint had become down-at-heel, the staff had apparently lost interest in service, perhaps even life itself, and the food – never the hotel’s strong point at the best of times – lacked any perceptible aspiration to grandeur.

As much as I have read so far I can say that his reports are worth paying him, and I hope, he will get enough subscribers to visit all UK hotels which is his goal. Article in Guardian Unlimited will surely will add some spin to his project.

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March 6, 2007 at 10:48 am | Posted in blogs, personal | 1 Comment

Wow! That`s my first word today, when I opened Google Reader and found RSS feed from Happy Hotelier “E-hotel: a Latvian Hotelier`s Blog”. Thanks for mentioning me. Happy Hotelier is

owner of a small and very luxurious Hotel in The Hague, The Netherlands: »Haagsche Suites.

 and he is doing the same job as me 🙂

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