New Tallink hotels to come

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Right now Tallink operates two hotels in Tallinn, Estonia: Tallink Spa & Conference hotel and Tallink City hotel. But as they have ferry routs from other cities around the Baltic sea, they plan to open hotels in those cities as well. Plans are for Tallink hotels in Riga, Stockholm and Helsinki. It`s not sure if they will built new hotels or it will be takeover of existing hotels.


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Photos from MITT 2007

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MITT 2007 March 21.-25. in Moscow, Russia. Hotels from Baltics mostly participated by giving their information and marketing materials to their region, city or hotel industry`s representatives.

Fair took place in four exibition halls.

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Travel marathon in Baltics

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You may ask “What this do with hotels?”. I`ll answer “This activity will bring more visitors to Baltic states, and part of them will stay overnight in hotels or will come back other year if they like the place and want to explore more of one of the Baltic states.”

What is travel marathon? It all started in 2006 first time in a history with “Latvian travel marathon”. Latvian national tourism organization (TAVA) chose 36 tourism objects in Latvia, made a map of them and made rules for participants: the more you visit, the more stamps you get on the map. When marathon ended in autumn, TAVA made award ceremony and best participants (with most stamps) got nice presents (from small gift cards to free hotel nights and trips). Each week TAVA organized event in one of the chosen tourism objects bringing journalists to them as well. At the end they counted almost 30 thousand participants.  

This year TAVA joins with Estonian and Lithuanian national tourism organizations in “Baltic travel marathon“. Each organization will choose 12 tourism objects (so 36 objects in total to visit). Those objects, who want to participate, can send in their applications till the end of March. Marathon begins on 1st May, ends on 1st November. Award ceremony will be translated on TV, presents for best travelers of course. Organizations plan to bring journalists from more than 20 mass media companies to these tourism objects, make  a map of Baltic states with information about these objects, give certificates to participants, make marathon information available in tourism information centres and make travel marathon`s web page.

Here are some picture from “Latvian travel marathon” [via TAVA]:

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New hotel in Tallinn

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Estonian largest ferry company Tallink Grupp has opened new hotel in Tallinn`s centre near harbour on Monday. 4 star Tallink Spa and Conference Hotel has got 275 rooms, bars, restaurant, business center, sauna and spa procedures, 6 conference halls up to 260 persons. Not much to see in hotel`s home page yet. Rates start from 127 EUR for one person.

Tallink Group already has one hotel opened in 2004: Tallink City Hotel. With opening second hotel Tallink has started to build up its own hotel chain under brand name Tallink Hotels and move away from cooperation with Best Western.

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How competitive are Baltic states?

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Such question I asked myself when World Economic Forum released its Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index. OK, I suppose everyone already knows that most competitive are Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Good for them. But where is Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, three Baltic sisters?

Lets see… Estonia is on 28. place with score 4.90, Lithuania – 51. place with score 4.34, Latvia – 53. place with score 4.31. Not very pleasant discovery.

Estonia has got the highest rank among its sisters for rules about investment, physicial density, hotel rooms (!), Internet use for business and lack of malaria. Estonia`s biggest disadvantages are air service agreements and carbon dioxide damage. Estonia`s Tourism Board has done much to develop tourism:

  • low-budget tourists are kept main priority, to make tourism grow steadily;
  • Estonia is branded as destination with a strong cultural heritage and traditional countryside getaways;
  • always keeps an eye on new tourist sources.

Lithuania`s biggest advantages: physician density, presence of major car rental companies and lack of malaria, biggest disadvantages: government prioritization of the T&T industry and attitude towards tourists. I think Lithuania is more about retail and oil and tourism is on the second or even lower place.

Latvia`s biggest advantages: presence of major car rental companies and lack of malaria, biggest disadvantages: air service agreements, primary education enrollment and attitude towards tourists. I`m not much into all this air transport staff so I can`t comment about it, but I can agree with other two problems. Latvia is among top countries when speaking of number of college and BA students, but at the same time there are lots of people without secondary education. Some businesses see tourists as cash cows (especially Old Riga`s restaurants and night clubs), this problem is already addressed in state`s level, but I don`t see how it may be changed.

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2006: Good year for Europe`s hotel industry

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As countries start to announce tourism statistics for 2006, it becomes clear that 2006 was a good year for Europe`s hotel industry, partly due to such big events as World Cup and Winter Olympics.

HotelBenchmark™ Global Ranking Index 2006

Top 10 rankings in the revPAR GRI







% change to 2005


































Hong Kong SAR







( via You can see Venice and Paris (growth more than 14%) are leaders among the world cities in revPAR GRI 2006. In Top 10 rankings in the occupancy GRI London took the 8th place and is leader among Europe cities with 82.9% occupancy (7% growth from 2005).

2006 was good year for Baltic countries as well:

  • In Lithuania, hotels and guesthouses provided accommodation to 1,1 million guests, rise ~one-fifth versus 2005. Top guest countries: Germany, Poland, Latvia and Russia (via;
  • In Estonia 1,43 million foreign tourists stayed at accommodation establishments which is ~2% decrease compared to 2005. May seem as decline for hotels, but there are good news: more people are staying in spa hotels (Norwegian and Sweden tourists) and more Estonians are using hotels. Main markets: Finland and Germany (via;
  • no statistics for Latvia yet, but should be increase in guest numbers.

What can we expect for 2007? Estonia – more than 2100 additional bed places in mainly four and five star hotels are expected to become available in Tallinn and new hotel in Tartu with 400 beds. New ship connections with Germany and Helsinki will boost tourist arrivals in Tallinn. New flight connections from airBaltics and Ryanair may do the same in Riga. It is supposed that Great Britain`s hotel industry fill focus on brand and service development this year. What`s for other countries?

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Pictures from Tourest 2007

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I already wrote about travel trade fair in Estonia. And now here are some pictures from participating hotels etc. (via

Saaremaa SPA hotel – Estonia

Hotel Eiropa – Latvia

Tallink – by ferry to Estonia

Sixt – rent a car

Visit Estonia – official Estonia`s tourism organization

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Travel fair in Estonia

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February 16 – 18 Estonia`s travel trade fair Tourest 2007 is held in Tallinn. It`s not as big as Balttour (Latvia), but still worth visiting, especially because it`s organized in different way – there are going to be some destination presentations on main stage as well as games, auctions etc. Participants are from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, Namibia, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Indonesia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, even two hotel groups from USA. More information here.

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