New Tallink hotels to come

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Right now Tallink operates two hotels in Tallinn, Estonia: Tallink Spa & Conference hotel and Tallink City hotel. But as they have ferry routs from other cities around the Baltic sea, they plan to open hotels in those cities as well. Plans are for Tallink hotels in Riga, Stockholm and Helsinki. It`s not sure if they will built new hotels or it will be takeover of existing hotels.


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Today Japan`s emperor visits Latvia. It`s only one day visit, but still. If I think about Japanese and hotels, there are few things that come to my mind:

  • hotels need to have bathrooms with BATH to accommodate Japanese guests,
  • Japanese love to take photographs, also about everything that`s in hotel,
  • they are polite and staff must be extra polite,
  • to Latvia they are mostly coming in groups, they watch birds, enjoy the nature and so on.

There is one travel company in Baltics, that specializes on Japanese tourists. I know that they make entertaining programs for them all over the Latvia, but so far they haven`t come to my city.

If You welcome Japanese guests quite often feel free to share your experience here.

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The foreigners hotels can expect as guests in Latvia

May 21, 2007 at 3:34 pm | Posted in guests, hotels, Latvia, statistics | Leave a comment

Latvian tourism development state agency tells that Latvian hoteliers in year 2007 can expect lots of Lithuanian tourists. Lithuanians were majority in Latvian arrival statistics 2006 and number is supposed to even grow this year. Tourist flow from Russia will grow as well. Because Russians need visa to enter Latvia, they stay longer when here: in average it`s more than 4 nights. Germans will come as well as they always did, but now they can do it for even cheaper price, because Ryanair now flies Riga-Bremen. Then comes Estonians and Finns. Finns used to visit Estonia a lot, but now they go further, so Latvia is their new hot destination. In my opinion this prognosis is little bit late, because Finns come already for two years and soon they will start to go to Lithuania as new destination.

There are some perspective markets: USA – Americans stay there in average 6 nights, France – French people like velo tourism and stays in average 5 nights, Poland – interesting and growing market, many Poles come for business and stays even month or more (at least in my hotel). Last year there were almost 70 thousand Polish tourists in Latvia. Riga and Jurmala`s hotels can expect more Norwegians because of cheap flights operated by Norvegian. Besides Norwegians are in first place by tourist money left: 97 lats in one day per person last year. There might be growing interest from Japan and Netherlands as well.

In general there are more and more tourists coming to Latvia and not only to capital city, but also to regions. Last year we got guests from Germany, Finland, Estonia (lots of them), Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, but also from Mexico, Argentina, Australia, USA, China and other far away places.

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May 2, 2007 at 2:18 pm | Posted in blogs, Latvia, personal | Leave a comment

Sorry, for not posting for a while. End of the month/beginning of new month is always busy for me. Besides, there was national holiday yesterday and will be one more on Friday, so even less working days for huge amount of work.

Hope to be back with new posts next week. Thank you for coming here!

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Baltic Travel Marathon: Latvia

April 24, 2007 at 9:20 am | Posted in fairs and events, Latvia, list, travel | Leave a comment

Finally three Baltic states have chosen tourism objects, that will participate in the first Baltic travel marathon, that will start of 1st May.

Tourism objects from Latvia:

“Mežakaķis” adventure trails

Araisi lake fortress

Daugavpils fortress                                           Aglona Basilica

Additional information can be found No information about tourism objects from Lithuania and Estonia yet.

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Funny request

April 23, 2007 at 8:08 am | Posted in guests, hotels, Latvia, personal | 2 Comments

[received by e-mail]


It is with pleasure, I discover your internet site. I have a funny request: I collect the “Do not disturb”, “door knob hangers”, “Privacy Please” sign which hangs on the door handle of the rooms. I do not have from your hotel and I would like to obtain one.

If it is possible, could you send me one and also the description of your beautiful hotel. Thanks a lot by advance and maybe see you.

Best regards,

Madame ….

We`ll send her what she wants. It`s interesting that people collect those signs as well as other things from hotels: keys (we had request for them too), guest cards, registration cards, pens and pencils, towels etc. Almost everything, that fits into suitcase…..

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Women vs. Men in Hospitality

April 17, 2007 at 9:01 am | Posted in employees, hotels, Latvia, management, trend | Leave a comment

Bert van Waldbeek has wrote interesting article for about female general managers. He argues that there are less women than men GMs in hospitality, but glass ceiling is breaking slowly. Main reasons for that: there are more women bachelors in hospitality and there is increasing importance on empathy in Human Resources and luxury (that asks more attention to details) in hotel industry.

There is also interesting thought by one female GM:

” But the primary barrier to women’s success,” a female General Manager once said, ” is our own belief “. 

She then added : ” We’re often the ones responsible for holding ourselves back. I think it’s more convenient to blame men generally or a system or a structure than it is to take personal responsibility.” 

Mr. Waldbeek says that it`s going to change, future females will have less fear, as well as there will be change in owners` attitude towards main positions: gender won`t matter if person will be willing to make effort.

If there is almost zero female GM in Asia, then in Latvia I have got the feeling, that almost all hotel GMs and other top positions are held by women. Exceptions are Radisson SAS, Reval Hotels and maybe few other big hotels. In my opinion, reason for women dominance in Latvia`s hotel industry is myth that tourism isn`t masculine, it`s not a serious business. If we count that there were and are more female students in universities, then it`s even more obvious.

I`m interested to get your opinion about this subject and situation in other countries so, please, have your say and leave a comment.

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Hyatt Regency Riga-Tango Square

April 10, 2007 at 1:43 pm | Posted in hotels, Latvia, news, project | 1 Comment

I got new information about first Hyatt hotel in Baltics. I already wrote that Hyatt is coming to Riga and 5 star Hyatt hotel will be opened in 2009. Building process of Tango project has already started.

Hyatt Regency Riga-Tango Square is supposed to open in autumn 2009. It will be 14 170 square metres big. Standard rooms will be 36,5 square metres, but president suite 146 square metres big. On the first floor more than 550 square metres are supposed to locate conference and banquet facilities.  Everyone will be able to enjoy hotel`s restaurant with summer terrace, lounge bar and coffee-bar. There will also be spa centre, health and fitness centre, fully equipped business centre and underground car park.

 Tango project


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5 star Hyatt in Riga

April 5, 2007 at 7:41 am | Posted in hotels, Latvia, news, project | 4 Comments

Today, 5th April in Riga, Latvia contract will be signed between Hyatt International Corporation senior CEO Gebhard Rainer (I hope I got him right) and Tango project owner Janis Loze with assistance of Riga`s major Janis Birks.

5 star Hyatt with 160 rooms is planned to open in 2009 at city centre. Investment: more than 60 million lats (85 million euros).


Nothing more known for now. Hyatt hasn`t even put this hotel in their future hotel list yet.

UPDATE! Hotel will be named Hyatt Regency Riga-Tango Square. It will be part of building complex Tango: two 7 floor living houses, 7 floor Hyatt, 5 floor office building. Interior design is in hands of G.A.Design International from London.

By the way, one more international hotel chain – Wyndham Hotel Group – is supposed to come to Baltics.

[via BNS]

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New rules for check-in in Latvia

April 4, 2007 at 2:15 pm | Posted in guests, hotels, Latvia, law, news, travel | Leave a comment

Latvia`s government has accepted rules governing the movement of persons across borders: Schengen Borders Code. Rules come in force either on 5th or 11th of April (due to Easter break), but full Schengen rules come in force either in November or December. It means, that till autum hotels have time to adjust their reservation systems and reservation or guest cards, but they aren`t supposed to give over to police the information about foreigners.

So, from now on guests (foreigners, not Latvians) will be asked to give and hotels will need to gather and then give to police such information:

  • guest name, surname
  • date of birth, resident country, citizenship and its kind
  • what kind of travel document guest has, its serial number, issuing country and date, validity date
  • check-in/check-out date

Married couple has to fill only one declaration. Parents or attorneys will fill this declaration  instead of under-aged ones. For tourist groups declaration will fill the guide. To make check-in faster, I suppose, all hotels will strongly ask tourism companies to send in filled declaration upon arrival and then at check-in hotel will just make quick control if information is correct.

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