New Tallink hotels to come

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Right now Tallink operates two hotels in Tallinn, Estonia: Tallink Spa & Conference hotel and Tallink City hotel. But as they have ferry routs from other cities around the Baltic sea, they plan to open hotels in those cities as well. Plans are for Tallink hotels in Riga, Stockholm and Helsinki. It`s not sure if they will built new hotels or it will be takeover of existing hotels.


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Today Japan`s emperor visits Latvia. It`s only one day visit, but still. If I think about Japanese and hotels, there are few things that come to my mind:

  • hotels need to have bathrooms with BATH to accommodate Japanese guests,
  • Japanese love to take photographs, also about everything that`s in hotel,
  • they are polite and staff must be extra polite,
  • to Latvia they are mostly coming in groups, they watch birds, enjoy the nature and so on.

There is one travel company in Baltics, that specializes on Japanese tourists. I know that they make entertaining programs for them all over the Latvia, but so far they haven`t come to my city.

If You welcome Japanese guests quite often feel free to share your experience here.

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Museum of tourism

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Czech tourist club has opened tourism museum in Bechyne, Czech Republic. Museum is located in ex- synagogue, and tells and shows Europe`s tourism history. In the centre of museum is interactive map of Czech Republic. In future visitors will be able to choose location on this map and see wide panorama of chosen place on big plasma TV screen.

[via, photos from]

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News gathering

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Some short, some long, but there they are:

Candid traveler photo from Tripadvisor

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Hyatt Regency Riga-Tango Square

April 10, 2007 at 1:43 pm | Posted in hotels, Latvia, news, project | 1 Comment

I got new information about first Hyatt hotel in Baltics. I already wrote that Hyatt is coming to Riga and 5 star Hyatt hotel will be opened in 2009. Building process of Tango project has already started.

Hyatt Regency Riga-Tango Square is supposed to open in autumn 2009. It will be 14 170 square metres big. Standard rooms will be 36,5 square metres, but president suite 146 square metres big. On the first floor more than 550 square metres are supposed to locate conference and banquet facilities.  Everyone will be able to enjoy hotel`s restaurant with summer terrace, lounge bar and coffee-bar. There will also be spa centre, health and fitness centre, fully equipped business centre and underground car park.

 Tango project


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5 star Hyatt in Riga

April 5, 2007 at 7:41 am | Posted in hotels, Latvia, news, project | 4 Comments

Today, 5th April in Riga, Latvia contract will be signed between Hyatt International Corporation senior CEO Gebhard Rainer (I hope I got him right) and Tango project owner Janis Loze with assistance of Riga`s major Janis Birks.

5 star Hyatt with 160 rooms is planned to open in 2009 at city centre. Investment: more than 60 million lats (85 million euros).


Nothing more known for now. Hyatt hasn`t even put this hotel in their future hotel list yet.

UPDATE! Hotel will be named Hyatt Regency Riga-Tango Square. It will be part of building complex Tango: two 7 floor living houses, 7 floor Hyatt, 5 floor office building. Interior design is in hands of G.A.Design International from London.

By the way, one more international hotel chain – Wyndham Hotel Group – is supposed to come to Baltics.

[via BNS]

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New rules for check-in in Latvia

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Latvia`s government has accepted rules governing the movement of persons across borders: Schengen Borders Code. Rules come in force either on 5th or 11th of April (due to Easter break), but full Schengen rules come in force either in November or December. It means, that till autum hotels have time to adjust their reservation systems and reservation or guest cards, but they aren`t supposed to give over to police the information about foreigners.

So, from now on guests (foreigners, not Latvians) will be asked to give and hotels will need to gather and then give to police such information:

  • guest name, surname
  • date of birth, resident country, citizenship and its kind
  • what kind of travel document guest has, its serial number, issuing country and date, validity date
  • check-in/check-out date

Married couple has to fill only one declaration. Parents or attorneys will fill this declaration  instead of under-aged ones. For tourist groups declaration will fill the guide. To make check-in faster, I suppose, all hotels will strongly ask tourism companies to send in filled declaration upon arrival and then at check-in hotel will just make quick control if information is correct.

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Some news not to miss

March 29, 2007 at 1:15 pm | Posted in Europe, hotels, news, travel | Leave a comment
  1. London leads global survey on European travel []
  2. HOWTO: Scam luxury hotels []
  3. Berlin`s funky hotels []
  4. Coming soon: Qbic Hotel WTC Amsterdam []
  5. TripAdvisor trumpets top 10 castle hotels in Europe [PR]
  6. Glin Castle, Ireland and Hotel Therese, France []
  7. Rooms without sevice [The] The Caterer blog has its say here
  8. New hotel website []
  9. UK hotel prices close to 100 punds a room []
  10. European hotel values in 2006 highest in history []

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Travel marathon in Baltics

March 21, 2007 at 11:05 am | Posted in Estonia, fairs and events, Latvia, Lithuania, news, photo, travel | 13 Comments

You may ask “What this do with hotels?”. I`ll answer “This activity will bring more visitors to Baltic states, and part of them will stay overnight in hotels or will come back other year if they like the place and want to explore more of one of the Baltic states.”

What is travel marathon? It all started in 2006 first time in a history with “Latvian travel marathon”. Latvian national tourism organization (TAVA) chose 36 tourism objects in Latvia, made a map of them and made rules for participants: the more you visit, the more stamps you get on the map. When marathon ended in autumn, TAVA made award ceremony and best participants (with most stamps) got nice presents (from small gift cards to free hotel nights and trips). Each week TAVA organized event in one of the chosen tourism objects bringing journalists to them as well. At the end they counted almost 30 thousand participants.  

This year TAVA joins with Estonian and Lithuanian national tourism organizations in “Baltic travel marathon“. Each organization will choose 12 tourism objects (so 36 objects in total to visit). Those objects, who want to participate, can send in their applications till the end of March. Marathon begins on 1st May, ends on 1st November. Award ceremony will be translated on TV, presents for best travelers of course. Organizations plan to bring journalists from more than 20 mass media companies to these tourism objects, make  a map of Baltic states with information about these objects, give certificates to participants, make marathon information available in tourism information centres and make travel marathon`s web page.

Here are some picture from “Latvian travel marathon” [via TAVA]:

Continue Reading Travel marathon in Baltics…

Real estate industry`s “Golden Palm” award to hotel

March 20, 2007 at 10:22 am | Posted in award, Europe, hotels, news, UK | Leave a comment

Real estate industry`s professionals in MIPIM (the world`s property market in Cannes, France) have anounced best building and renovation projects in 2006 in 5 categories. In category “Hotel and Tourism Resorts” the winner is Malmaison Oxford/Oxford Castle (UK). 

Oxford Castle was built in 11th Century and was used as prison for some time. Idea of this project was to save existing building and build new extension with traditional materials, the same materials used for the old castle. Besides, Malmaison Oxford is first prison in UK that is transformed into a hotel.

Malmaison Oxford offers 8 restaurants and bars, caffee, art galery, gym and 94 rooms cells. And they have nice offer for dogs too. It is voted a hot new hotel by Conde Nast. There are more Malmaisons in other UK cities.

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