Feeling good/ feeling bad

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Oh, summer! Both pleasure and pain for hotelier. Lots of guests, lots of problems. And problems come always in bad time. I had a little vocation, but before that almost got nervous breakdown. Now I`m back at work and seems that this summer there will be very little if no time to continue this blog… Sorry!



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Sorry, for not posting for a while. End of the month/beginning of new month is always busy for me. Besides, there was national holiday yesterday and will be one more on Friday, so even less working days for huge amount of work.

Hope to be back with new posts next week. Thank you for coming here!

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Funny request

April 23, 2007 at 8:08 am | Posted in guests, hotels, Latvia, personal | 2 Comments

[received by e-mail]


It is with pleasure, I discover your internet site. I have a funny request: I collect the “Do not disturb”, “door knob hangers”, “Privacy Please” sign which hangs on the door handle of the rooms. I do not have from your hotel and I would like to obtain one.

If it is possible, could you send me one and also the description of your beautiful hotel. Thanks a lot by advance and maybe see you.

Best regards,

Madame ….

We`ll send her what she wants. It`s interesting that people collect those signs as well as other things from hotels: keys (we had request for them too), guest cards, registration cards, pens and pencils, towels etc. Almost everything, that fits into suitcase…..

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Quite good start…E-hotel statistics

April 2, 2007 at 9:12 am | Posted in blogs, list, personal, statistics | 2 Comments

I started my blog 10 February, 2007 and it`s interesting to make some roundup how I`m doing so far. So, till this morning, 2 April, 2007:

  • total views: 521
  • best day ever: 76 (T-list posted)
  • posts: 52
  • comments: 17 (comments welcome, don`t be shy)
  • tags: 38 (hotels: 37, europe: 17, news: 14, travel: 13, photo: 11)

Top posts February-March:

  1. Ehotel`s T-list: 65 views
  2. Photos from ITB 2007: 20 views
  3. Photos from ITB 2007, part 2: 17 views
  4. Too bad it won`t be in Europe…: 15 views
  5. Best online hotel sites: 12 views [before post update]
  6. How the lovely hotel beds look like: 7 views
  7. 2006: Good year for Europe`s hotel industry and New hotel in Tallinn: 6 views each
  8. Rebirth of Moscow hotels and Top romantic hotel restaurants in Riga, Latvia: 5 views each
  9. Travel marathon in Baltics, Photos from Vivattour 2007, Vilnius, How competitive are Baltic states?, Photos from MITT 2007 and New way how to present a hotel: 4 views each
  10. Hotel in Dublin for ladies and gentleman, Some news not to miss, Few unique Europe hotels, I want to go to Croatia…, The Caterer Blog, Help guests in minus 30, So many news…, and Travelistic, Experience Rewards and other “strangers” or some useful stuff: 3 views each

There are definitely more views on each post, but that`s what You, my dear readers, have clicked to come to my blog or check out more on its content. THANK YOU!

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Sir, your rat has gnawed 4 upper sheets….

March 19, 2007 at 11:19 am | Posted in guests, hotels, personal | Leave a comment

– Sir, your rat has gnawed 4 upper sheets and one pillowcase. Not even talking about dirty (with rat`s pee…) sheets.

– Yes…

– Do You want to see these items?

– No, I know.

– Do You agree to sign the statement and pay the damage?

– Yes (with smile). No problem.

– Please, look after your rat in future. It`s not pleasant situation.

– I`m used to it. Sheets are her favourite snack (with smile). And You can buy new sheets (meaning the money he`ll pay for the damage).

Gosh! Is he proud of this situation? His rat is big, really big and he feeds her with cornflakes and something yellow. No wonder sheets look like toilet paper after use…. He stays till the end of month I told to check carefully his room every single day.

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Picture from my hotel

March 16, 2007 at 1:21 pm | Posted in hotels, personal, photo | Leave a comment


Spring is coming. Weekend is coming as well…

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March 6, 2007 at 10:48 am | Posted in blogs, personal | 1 Comment

Wow! That`s my first word today, when I opened Google Reader and found RSS feed from Happy Hotelier “E-hotel: a Latvian Hotelier`s Blog”. Thanks for mentioning me. Happy Hotelier is

owner of a small and very luxurious Hotel in The Hague, The Netherlands: »Haagsche Suites.

 and he is doing the same job as me 🙂

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Hotelier`s busy end of month

March 2, 2007 at 3:13 pm | Posted in hotels, Latvia, news, personal | Leave a comment

Each end of month is busy for me – regional hotel manager. In these few days I:

  • was concerned and tried to solve different problems, because suddenly everyone in hotel had at least one;
  • helped one long stay guest find a job;
  • had 2 interviews with potential employees;
  • signed 2 co-operation contracts;
  • made some decisions about advertising;
  • made montly revenue and statistical reports;
  • tried to cach up with daily news;
  • went to meeting of regional tourism professionals and found out that for my hotel 2006 was better than in average in region hotels.

Now I`m looking forward to calm weekend.

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