New Tallink hotels to come

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Right now Tallink operates two hotels in Tallinn, Estonia: Tallink Spa & Conference hotel and Tallink City hotel. But as they have ferry routs from other cities around the Baltic sea, they plan to open hotels in those cities as well. Plans are for Tallink hotels in Riga, Stockholm and Helsinki. It`s not sure if they will built new hotels or it will be takeover of existing hotels.


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Hyatt Regency Riga-Tango Square

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I got new information about first Hyatt hotel in Baltics. I already wrote that Hyatt is coming to Riga and 5 star Hyatt hotel will be opened in 2009. Building process of Tango project has already started.

Hyatt Regency Riga-Tango Square is supposed to open in autumn 2009. It will be 14 170 square metres big. Standard rooms will be 36,5 square metres, but president suite 146 square metres big. On the first floor more than 550 square metres are supposed to locate conference and banquet facilities.  Everyone will be able to enjoy hotel`s restaurant with summer terrace, lounge bar and coffee-bar. There will also be spa centre, health and fitness centre, fully equipped business centre and underground car park.

 Tango project


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5 star Hyatt in Riga

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Today, 5th April in Riga, Latvia contract will be signed between Hyatt International Corporation senior CEO Gebhard Rainer (I hope I got him right) and Tango project owner Janis Loze with assistance of Riga`s major Janis Birks.

5 star Hyatt with 160 rooms is planned to open in 2009 at city centre. Investment: more than 60 million lats (85 million euros).


Nothing more known for now. Hyatt hasn`t even put this hotel in their future hotel list yet.

UPDATE! Hotel will be named Hyatt Regency Riga-Tango Square. It will be part of building complex Tango: two 7 floor living houses, 7 floor Hyatt, 5 floor office building. Interior design is in hands of G.A.Design International from London.

By the way, one more international hotel chain – Wyndham Hotel Group – is supposed to come to Baltics.

[via BNS]

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Ever thought about making documentary about your hotel?

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Yes? No? It seems to be nice marketing tool for some hotels if you can get it right. The Big Sleep Hotel, UK has done it by making documentary about opening their second hotel.

 So what is it about businesses such as Big Sleep that interests the public? Rachel Lalljee, producer of the documentary, says that as an industry, hospitality is well geared for such programmes. “The service business is interesting, whether you’re setting up a restaurant or a café. There are a variety of definite stages you go through,” she says. “It’s clear and easy for the audience. Everyone knows roughly how a hotel is run and they’re keen to see that in practice.”

Documentary will surely make more buzz around this hotel, but before you call TV channel, read here what owners have to say about the filming process. It`s not all about fame…

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Too bad it won`t be in Europe…

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WATERWORLD, China. Hotel design project by Atkin`s Architecture Group (famous for Dubai building projects).

Set in a spectacular water filled quarry in Songjiang, China, the 400 bed resort hotel is uniquely constructed within the natural elements of the quarry. Underwater public areas and guest rooms add to the uniqueness, but the resort also boasts cafes, restaurants and sporting facilities.

The lowest level runs with the aquatic theme by housing a luxurious swimming pool and an extreme sports center for activities such as rock climbing and bungee jumping which will be cantilevered over the quarry and accessed by special lifts from the water.

Mentioned by The Coolhunter and also here, here and on many other blogs.

If project will come to live it will be one of those hotels or resorts where people stay not because they need a place where to stay, but because of the hotel itself. It`s an adventure to sleep, dine or swim in such location. It`s something unseen and that`s what people want and like. They like to be surprised. That`s the reason why Europe has ice hotels, hotels in lighthouses and even one room hotel in harbour`s crane (Crane Hotel near Amsterdam, Netherland). More unusual hotels here.

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