The foreigners hotels can expect as guests in Latvia

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Latvian tourism development state agency tells that Latvian hoteliers in year 2007 can expect lots of Lithuanian tourists. Lithuanians were majority in Latvian arrival statistics 2006 and number is supposed to even grow this year. Tourist flow from Russia will grow as well. Because Russians need visa to enter Latvia, they stay longer when here: in average it`s more than 4 nights. Germans will come as well as they always did, but now they can do it for even cheaper price, because Ryanair now flies Riga-Bremen. Then comes Estonians and Finns. Finns used to visit Estonia a lot, but now they go further, so Latvia is their new hot destination. In my opinion this prognosis is little bit late, because Finns come already for two years and soon they will start to go to Lithuania as new destination.

There are some perspective markets: USA – Americans stay there in average 6 nights, France – French people like velo tourism and stays in average 5 nights, Poland – interesting and growing market, many Poles come for business and stays even month or more (at least in my hotel). Last year there were almost 70 thousand Polish tourists in Latvia. Riga and Jurmala`s hotels can expect more Norwegians because of cheap flights operated by Norvegian. Besides Norwegians are in first place by tourist money left: 97 lats in one day per person last year. There might be growing interest from Japan and Netherlands as well.

In general there are more and more tourists coming to Latvia and not only to capital city, but also to regions. Last year we got guests from Germany, Finland, Estonia (lots of them), Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, but also from Mexico, Argentina, Australia, USA, China and other far away places.

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Vienna as congress & conference city?

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What comes to your mind first when thinking about Vienna, capital of Austria? Mozart, opera, coffee, Sacher cake, sausages, architecture, commissar Rex? Whatever… 

Soon name of Vienna will be associated with congresses & conferences and it`s good news for Vienna hotels. According to Tma-online, there were 327 000 congress & conference tourists in Vienna in 2006: more than 1 million bed places, 12% of all Vienna hotel guest nights. It is planned to reach 15% by 2010.

It`s always profitable for city/hotels to attract congresses and conferences, because their participants usually stay 2 nights or more and spend more money. If average traveler spends 240 euros per day in Vienna, then congress participants spends 360 euros per day. What`s also important for hotels, is that congresses and conferences often take place from autumn till spring when there is usually a drop in hotel occupancy levels.

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Quite good start…E-hotel statistics

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I started my blog 10 February, 2007 and it`s interesting to make some roundup how I`m doing so far. So, till this morning, 2 April, 2007:

  • total views: 521
  • best day ever: 76 (T-list posted)
  • posts: 52
  • comments: 17 (comments welcome, don`t be shy)
  • tags: 38 (hotels: 37, europe: 17, news: 14, travel: 13, photo: 11)

Top posts February-March:

  1. Ehotel`s T-list: 65 views
  2. Photos from ITB 2007: 20 views
  3. Photos from ITB 2007, part 2: 17 views
  4. Too bad it won`t be in Europe…: 15 views
  5. Best online hotel sites: 12 views [before post update]
  6. How the lovely hotel beds look like: 7 views
  7. 2006: Good year for Europe`s hotel industry and New hotel in Tallinn: 6 views each
  8. Rebirth of Moscow hotels and Top romantic hotel restaurants in Riga, Latvia: 5 views each
  9. Travel marathon in Baltics, Photos from Vivattour 2007, Vilnius, How competitive are Baltic states?, Photos from MITT 2007 and New way how to present a hotel: 4 views each
  10. Hotel in Dublin for ladies and gentleman, Some news not to miss, Few unique Europe hotels, I want to go to Croatia…, The Caterer Blog, Help guests in minus 30, So many news…, and Travelistic, Experience Rewards and other “strangers” or some useful stuff: 3 views each

There are definitely more views on each post, but that`s what You, my dear readers, have clicked to come to my blog or check out more on its content. THANK YOU!

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